Coverstar Arizona Automatic and Manual Safety Cover FAQ

Cover Safety

  • Are Coverstar Arizona automatic swimming pool safety covers really a safety cover?

YES. Your family's safety is our primary concern. Coverstar covers exceed the safety standards set by ASTM. The safety record for pools using properly operated safety covers is flawless. Our cover material is incredibly strong.  Since 1960, when safety covers were first introduced into the market, there has not been a drowning in a pool or spa equipped with a properly closed Coverstar cover.

Solar Heating

  • Do the Coverstar Arizona automatic safety covers help heat the pool?

YES. The cover captures the sun's rays during the day by acting as a giant passive solar collector. The thermal qualities in the cover hold the heat in the pool at night. This combination may increase water temperature as much as 8 to 10 degrees -- easily increasing your swimming season.

Winter Use

  • Can a Coverstar Arizona automatic swimming safety covers be used during the winter?

When the time comes to close your pool down at the end of the swimming season, your cover can be used during the winter months as long you follow our Motorized Cover Winterization Policy.  If you are unable to and unwilling to follow these procedures, please roll up your cover and discuss with your Pool Service Technician the best method for winterizing your pool.  

Pool Filtering

  • Will I Run My Filter Less Using A Coverstar Arizona Cover?

YES. Our Covers seal dirt, debris and other contaminates out of the pool, thus reducing the length of time needed for filtering the pool water.

Operating Cost

  • Do Coverstar Arizona Covers Reduce Yearly Operating Cost?

YES. The Coverstar cover reduces consumption of chemical, electrical and gas by approximately 50%. In addition, substantially less time is required to personally maintain the pool.

Cover Material

  • What Are The Components Of The Cover Fabric?

The Coverstar cover is remarkably strong. The Ultraguard III fabric is made up of a revolutionary fabric plasticizer. This patented fabric is then reinforced with an incredibly strong patented heat sealed Dacron webbing.

Service & Repair

  • Who Will Service The Coverstar Arizona Cover?

Our own factory trained service technicians and dealers are available year round to provide all warranty and service work.

Pool Shapes

  • Can Coverstar Arizona Cover Any Shape Pool?

YES. Coverstar can cover virtually any shape or size pool.

Cover Colors

  • What Colors are Available For Covers?

Coverstar covers are available in 9 standard colors. In addition, their are a number special order colors offered.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

  • Will A Pool Cleaner Work Under The Cover?

YES. Most types of pool cleaner that do not float above the surface of the water work under the Coverstar cover. However, most Coverstar owners find cleaners are used less frequently since Coverstar seals out most dirt and debris.


  • What Type Of Tracks Are Available?

Coverstar Arizona provides a number of track options from low profile flush mounted deck tracks to undermount tracks that are nearly invisible. In fact, Coverstar offers the largest selection of inconspicuous track installation options in the industry. See your dealer for details.

Cover Life

  • What Is The Average Life Of Cover Material?

Approximately 6-8 years depending on the use and location of the cover. The Ultraguard III fabric has a special formulation of ultraviolet light inhibitors and plasticizers to guarantee a long life in the sun. Proper water chemistry and routine maintenance help to extend the life of the cover.

Cover Replacement

  • Can The Coverstar Arizona Cover Fabric Be Replaced?

YES. We provide custom replacement covers for all makes of automatic pool cover systems with Coverstar Ultraguard III fabric. Our trained service technicians can replace a cover, perform general maintenance service, and complete a 14 point evaluation to prevent costly repairs.


  • Is Algae A Problem If The Pool Is Covered Most Of The Time?

The proper chemical balance of the pool water will prevent algae growth in a covered pool the same way it prevents growth in an uncovered pool. The only difference you will notice is fewer chemicals are needed in a Coverstar covered pool.

Leaf Removal

  • Will Leaves & Debris Accumulate On The Cover?

Most leaves and debris are blown away naturally by the wind. On bench models remaining debris should be removed before opening with a pool brush or leaf blower. On recessed models some leaves may fall into the back of the cover housing. Cover housings should be cleaned annually.

Rain Water

  • Will Rain Water Damage The Cover?

NO. Since the Coverstar cover rests on the surface of the water, several inches of accumulated rainwater will be supported by the water under the cover as long as the pool water is maintained correctly.

  • Should Rain Water Be Removed Before Operating Cover?

YES. A special water sensing cover pump is provided for additional safety and convenience with each Coverstar cover. This pump should be used to remove the water before operating the cover.

Pool Chemicals and Chlorine

  • Should Pool Be Covered After Adding Chemicals?

It is suggested the Coverstar cover be left open 2 to 4 hours after chemically treating the water to prevent chemical burns to the underside of the cover. (During this time, alternative safety measures should be in place -- IE. small children should be supervised.)

Covering Time

  • How Long Does It Take To Cover The Pool?

Covering most pools take less than a minute.

Security Lock

  • Preventing Unauthorized Pool Use.

The Coverstar Automatic Safety cover is controlled with a special on/off switch in a lockable compartment. With the cover in the closed position, the key can be removed to prevent unauthorized use.


  • Our warranty covers 20 years on the mechanism, 7 years on the fabric including the heat sealed webbing, (the first 36 months fully covered without any pro rated, the next 48 months pro rated), 5 years on the motor, and 2 years on our Powerflex rope.