Cover Lids
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Cover Lids

All Eclipse automatic swimming pool safety cover undertrack systems come standard with a durable aluminum lid. Optional walk-on lid systems can also be chosen, and add to the functionality of your cover system.

Standard Cover Lid Options

Flat 309 Aluminum Lid

This lid is mounted on the deck and has an ultra low profile with no raised lid hinge.

Classic Aluminum Lid

This anodized aluminum lid is mounted on the deck and has a very low profile.

Aluminum Flush Deck Lids - Walkable Lids

Aluminum Flush Lid

The flushdeck cover lid option is built into the mechanism housing during construction of the pool so that it is completely flush with the deck around the pool.

Hidden leading Edge Flush Lid

An extra wide lid is available as an option for those who want to hide the leading edge of the pool cover when the cover is off the pool.

Walk-On Stone Lids

Stone or Brick Lid

Pre-fabricated aluminum lid trays are available that allow a wide variety of brick or stone to be used to make a lid that matches the deck edge around the pool.

Formed Concrete Lid

A lid forming system is available for pool builders to pour a concrete lid at the same time the pool deck is poured. This allows the entire perimeter of the pool to have a matched look.

All Eclipse automatic swimming pool safety cover deck mount systems come standard with a set of polymer lid ends. However, there are a wide variety of deck mounted bench options for you to design and create. Below are our two most popular systems.

Deck Mount Bench Lids

Redwood Bench

An attractive bench can be made out of cedar, vinyl, brick or other materials to cover over the deck mounted mechanism.

Aluminum Bench

A pre-formed aluminum bench can be added to any deck mounted mechanism system.