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Eclipse UltraGard III Fabric is incredibly strong and durable. An advanced formula and superior fabrication methods make it top of the line. No other automatic swimming pool safety cover manufacturer offers our exclusive features which include HEAT SEALED Webbing with warranty, and POWERFLEX™ Rope with warranty.

Exceptionally Long Fabric Life

The Eclipse automatic swimming pool safety cover uses the most technically advanced material made for automatic pool safety covers today.  The creation of UltraGard III safety fabric blends a unique combination of materials and construction to result in the highest quality pool cover fabric available today.  Tested and proven for more than 25 years, this specially formulated heavy duty vinyl fabric provides optimal ultra-violet, chemical and mildew resistance. Abrasion resistance is enhanced through the extruded coating process and closed polyester weave. To ensure exceptional product performance, accept nothing less than the UltraGard III.



Exclusive Heat Sealed Webbing

Most automatic pool safety cover manufacturers wrap webbing material around rope and sew it to the cover. Unfortunately, with this attachment method the webbings often fail before the fabric does. (see photo, far right). To solve this problem we invented and patented a process whereby the rope is replaced with a flexible polymer bead and the webbing is heat seal bonded to the cover fabric in one step. This patented process is a substantial improvement over the common webbing attachment method and provides substantially longer webbing life and improved operation of the cover.


In a special patented process, the cover webbing is heat sealed around a polymer bead and welded to the cover fabric in one step. This process melts the webbing, polymer bead and cover into one piece. High denier material and the bonding process make this heat sealed webbing up to 15 times stronger that a standard sewn webbing.

Because the polymer bead is fused to the webbing, it does not stretch and pucker like a sewn webbing with wear points that shorten webbing life. (see photo on right)

Color matched webbings are an esthetically pleasing option and even longer lasting than white webbing due to the addition of UV color coatings.

A standard sewn webbing is wrapped around rope and then sewn to the rope and the cover. Over time, because the rope is not bonded to the webbing, it moves back and forth in its sleeve, which creates puckering when the cover is stretched onto the roll tube. Over time, these puckers wear against the aluminum tracks and wear out the webbing fabric. (see above)

Pucker points can catch as they feed into the tracks, causing cover system lurching, webbing tearing and stress on the roll-up mechanism.

White webbings have little UV protection and can degrade more quickly than the cover fabric.

The following Eclipse automatic swimming pool safety cover colors can be found on all Eclipse systems and replacement fabrics.